Doctor recommended Guided Imagery to relax the Mind, heal the Body naturally, and enhance your Spirit. Download New Age music. Relaxing instrumental CDs promote natural health. Brides: Look and Feel Great in 2008. See why our motto is: Relax with Swann once, and you'll be back for more. Enjoy !

Escape from the pressures of daily life. Doctor recommended relaxation CDs, feature inspiring words and peaceful sounds of nature, enveloped in beautiful music can help relax the mind, heal the body naturally, and enhance your Spirit. This soothing oasis can bring comfort in stressful times. Relaxing instrumental CDs promote natural health, help you sleep better, ease pain, relieve stress. This is New Age music at its best. See why our motto is: Relax with Swann once and you'll be back for more. Enjoy!



Unlike other guided imagery titles, Relax with Swann has NO subliminal messages. The listener remains in control, building a strong mind-body-spirit connection. This can promote self-confidence, empowering you to gain control. Listen to a sample of Seasons of Serenity. These CDs are doctor recommended as safe for all ages.


Easy-to-follow focusing techniques are used, centering on breathing.This Doctor recommended meditation is self-directed, relaxing the body and calming the mind. A simple aid to heal naturally, ease pain, sleep better and relieve stress, music therapy can help bring comfort to patients following surgery, or those with insomnia, cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder,  chronic fatigue syndrome, and many other ailements.

The deep sleep that can be achieved through progressive muscle relaxation can be useful in stress management. Natural wellness workshop leader and Registered Nurse, Kathleen Swann encourages you to remain in control. This can be empowering, helping to build self-confidence and strength.

People undergoing medical procedures or treatment may find music therapy enhances the strength of the mind and its ability to master the body's functioning. It is believed that the powerful mind-body connection can also strengthen the immune system. Research shows the effects include a reduction in perceived stress or depression. It can help decrease blood pressure, pulse rate, and pain. However, these CDs are not intended as treatment or self-diagnosis.


Guided imagery consists of peaceful visualization, whereby you remain in control. Kathleen Swann incorporates positive reflections throughout this series of CDs, building self-esteem and strength. It involves all the senses.
Seasons of Serenity includes a story for each season. You might only have 10-20 minutes to de-stress. Pick a season, and Relax with Swann. If a good-night's sleep is needed, you might just press "play" and drift off to sleep. Either way, you will awaken refreshed and ready to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Order now...and you'll reap the benefits of this unique relaxation series for many years to come. See why our motto is:  Relax with Swann once, and you'll be back for more. Enjoy!


Emmy award-winning composer, Ken Kaufman, creates a beautiful oasis of sound with original compositions in Seasons of Tranquility. His eclectic talents shine once again in his newest release, Beautiful in My Eyes.  All piano solos that are sure to please.
The long songs found in our instrumental CDs are perfect for massage, meditation, Yoga, and Pilates. Listen to a sample of Seasons of Tranquility, Rhythms of the World or Rhythms of Life.


Relax with Swann was pleased to receive the following endorsement from this Cancer Specialist:

"This exceptional guided visualization with music program is an excellent aid to relaxation and well-being." -- Wesley L. Hicks, Jr., M.D. (Senior Head & Neck Surgical Oncologist and Author)


"I've added 2 cuts from Seasons of Tranquility to my XM program 'AudioVisions.'" - Russ Davis, XM Satellite Radio

      "Seasons of Tranquility is in heavy rotation. This one is really a hit here." -- Valerie Lawe, KZYX/KZYZ

"Seasons of Serenity is an effective guide for any listener who seeks to unwind...New York composer Ken Kaufman complements the seasonal landscapes by capturing the chords of calmness within each song...The soothing music is harmoniously blended with peaceful sounds of nature, promising maximum serenity to anyone who listens." --Rose Ruth/Magical Blend

      "It's a joy to hear Ken's music! Seasons of Tranquility gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating for listeners of all persuasions."-- Rotcod Zzaj. IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION

If you're pregnant, or know someone who is, check out The Seasons of Pregnancy. Its progressive relaxation can bring comfort and strength throughout pregnancy as well as in labor and delivery. Listen to a sample of The Seasons of Pregnancy.

 And also...
Check out Blossoming with Child for a wonderful childbirth class in the privacy of your home.

"We still listen to the CDs (The Seasons of Pregnancy and Rhythms of Life). GB falls asleep to them every night. While in delivery, Diane stayed completely calm. We listened to the CDs at least 10 times while we were there. They kept both her and I so calm. Unfortunately, we were in the delivery room for 18.5 hours. We would have been miserable without those soothing sounds though." -- EB of Pennsylvania


Please Note...
Chronic pain and insomnia, as well as relaxation therapies involve factors such as values, beliefs, expectations, and behaviors, all of which are strongly shaped by one's culture. Therefore, they may not be right for everyone, and should be considered on an individual basis.

Please remember, that even though these CDs are doctor recommended, new age music is not intended as treatment or self-diagnosis. Although music therapy may help the body heal naturally, and can promote relaxation and peace, for best results, it should be used in conjunction with advice from your medical practitioner.


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Order now... and you'll reap the benefits of this unique relaxation music for many years to come.
Escape from the pressures of daily life... Relax with Swann.

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